Atlantica helps technology companies and IT organizations solve technology delivery and productivity challenges that impact the company’s growth, customer satisfaction or competitive advantage.

Just as engineer consultants solve architecture problems, augment technical staff and accelerate development schedules, Atlantica solves difficult management problems, augments management staff and accelerates the productivity of the entire engineering team.

Atlantica helps companies address issues such as:

  • Offshore capabilities that are not fully productive
  • Development organizations that need to deliver more predictably or rapidly, improve quality, be more responsive to changing needs, fully staff to budget, or optimally leverage resources
  • Successful but stretched development organizations that still need to deliver more
  • Projects or critical initiatives that are lagging
  • Customers dissatisfied with the product or unwilling to migrate to new releases
  • Technology partners that need to be well integrated with product plans
  • Unfilled leadership positions that cause the company to lose valuable time and market opportunity

Many of these issues are due to overextended leadership, insufficient engineering management resources or expertise. Atlantica provides expert, experienced engineering management to:

  • Improve organizational structure, culture, management and operation
  • Improve speed and responsiveness of development through Agile methodology
  • Drive critical development projects, releases and special initiatives
  • Establish offshore capabilities or make existing offshore capabilities productive
  • Lead as Interim VP or Director of Engineering
  • Drive hiring efforts
  • Define and implement get-well efforts for products and projects
  • Define and implement development methodology appropriate for the business
  • Establish and manage technology partnerships

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